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We believe that when a patient calls for an appointment for psychiatric treatment in Northern Kentucky, he or she shouldn't have to wait for a month or two to be seen!  That's why we see patients within 14 days for their initial psychiatric evaluation.

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Dr. Kline is a Northern Kentucky psychiatrist who is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), Bipolar Disorder, OCD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Social Phobia, PTSD, Adult ADHD and other psychiatric disorders.

Dr. Kline is an authority on the causative connections between the components of lifestyle and major depression. The research to date has confirmed that lifestyle is the major modifiable risk factor for the development and persistence of depression. Lifestyle optimization dramatically improves an individual's response to treatment. It has similar benefits for chronic disease and life expectancy. If you are willing to commit to eliminating unhealthy elements of your lifestyle, you will find your current depression treatment more successful. More information is available on the Lifestyle and MDD page.
Dr. Kline is unique among Northern Kentucky psychiatrists, and patients value him especially for his warm, humanistic approach.  He doesn't treat patients -- he treats people, an approach that is increasingly uncommon in today's healthcare system.  Dr. Kline is highly regarded for his skillful expertise in diagnosis, pharmacology, and psychotherapy.  He has helped thousands of patients transform their lives, especially victims of child abuse who so often suffer from depression, PTSD and low self-esteem.

* Please Note:  We no longer accept Aetna, United Healthcare or UMR plans, Medicare (new patients), or Medicaid (Aetna Better Health, Humana CareSource, Anthem Medicaid, Wellcare, or Passport). 
  Joseph Kline, Jr. PhD, MD, MBA
75 Cavalier Blvd.
Suite 306
Florence, KY 41042
(859) 823-0507
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Why Should You See Dr. Kline?
Joseph Kline, Jr. PhD, MD, MBA is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist who provides Northern Kentucky residents with unique expertise in outpatient psychiatric treatment including brief and longer-term psychotherapy that you expect from a specialist.  He provides psychiatric treatment for symptoms such as depression (including treatment-resistant depression), mood swings, and anxiety.
It is unusual to find a Northern Kentucky psychiatrist with the diverse experience and education of Dr. Kline.  He performed groundbreaking research on schizophrenia during his PhD training.  He is the recipient of multiple awards, and his clinical practice has always been distinguished by both his expertise as well as his empathic, caring approach to patients.  But what patients seem to appreciate most is his uplifting attitude and the fact that he listens.  (You may ask "Don't all psychiatrists listen?"  Well you would think so, but from the comments we continually receive, the answer appears to be "apparently not!")
There is perhaps no better evidence of patient satisfaction than a patient's referral of loved ones and friends to their physician.  This is common in Dr. Kline's practice, and he appreciates and takes great pride in the trust his patients have in his abilities.

What Is Major Depression?
About 12% of the population suffers from depression, and 1 in 5 women will experience a Major Depressive Episode in their lifetime.  Too many mistakenly believe that depressed individuals should be able to just shrug it off.  This belief prevents many sufferers from seeking the depression treatment that is necessary.  Depression is as real a disease as is pneumonia, heart disease, or hypothyroidism, and it requires medical treatment in most cases.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that treatment for depression is usually quite effective.  There is no reason to continue to suffer when depression treatment in Northern Kentucky is available.
What Is Treatment Resistant Depression?
The majority of depressions are effectively treated with the first antidepressant trial.  If after raising the dose of the antidepressant the depression persists or is inadequately treated, a second antidepressant is either added to or replaces the first one.  If the depression continues despite two antidepressants, the depression is termed "treatment-resistant."  This determination should always be followed by referral to a psychiatrist for definitive treatment.  Stubborn depressions ARE usually treatable.  Dr. Kline is an expert in the treatment of such depressions and has conducted multiple clinical drug trials for Treatment-Resistant Depression.

Diet and Lifestyle Affect Treatment Response
Many patients wish to limit their exposure to medications when possible, and why shouldn't they?  While medications have demonstrated benefits, they also have the potential of causing side effects such as weight gain and sexual dysfunction.  So, you may ask, are there ways to limit the number or dosage of medications?  YES!

Dr. Kline is the metro area's foremost expert on the interaction between diet, lifestyle and depression or MDD.  He continually monitors the medical research literature on the subject and has read and maintains a personal library of over 3,850 research reports that demonstrate the benefit of dietary and other lifestyle choices to the treatment of major depression, dementia and chronic disease.  By appropriate diet and lifestyle changes, patients can increase the effectiveness of their medication treatment!

Only a few knowledgeable doctors currently incorporate lifestyle optimization into their conventional medication treatment of disorders such as depression, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia and many cancers.  This is the future of healthcare, and Dr. Kline stands at the cutting edge.

Consultations are available to individuals who who suffer from depression and wish to learn how they can achieve better results from their current treatment.  A few current patients of Dr. Kline have already availed themselves of this opportunity and have reversed or resolved their high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and obesity.  These patients no longer take medications for those conditions and diseases.

If you are an individual who recognizes the importance of lifestyle to mental and physical health and you wish to obtain the best treatment response for your depression, then Dr. Kline has the knowledge and expertise to guide you to that goal.  Go to our Lifestyle and MDD page for more information.

Some Final Thoughts
Psychiatrists are medical specialists who treat all forms of mental or emotional disorders.  While all physicians can prescribe all medications, psychiatrists have the most extensive training and experience in the appropriate use of psychiatric medications.   Moreover, psychiatrists are trained to watch for and treat other personality and life risk factors that may render you more vulnerable to emotional disorders or that may interfere with the effective treatment of your illness.  Although medications are very effective, even more effective is the combination of medication plus psychotherapy. 
If you are depressed and have tried multiple antidepressants, and you need a doctor who truly listens and understands, we can help.  There IS treatment for your problems but that treatment awaits your phone call to us.  For Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati residents in need of a truly dedicated psychiatrist, we are ready to help you!

  (859) 823-0507

* * * Please Note:  We are no longer accepting patients with
Medicaid, Medicare, Aetna, UHC/UMR, or Suboxone patients.   * * *
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