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Dr. Kline treats only adults and limits his practice to outpatients.  Patients requiring frequent psychiatric hospitalizations would be better served by a psychiatrist who does much of his work in a hospital.Who Shouldn't Call Us?
Dr. Kline is an adult outpatient psychiatrist.  That means Dr. Kline treats only adults, and his focus is on keeping his patients OUT of the hospital.  It is very unusual for our patients to require hospitalization.  That is not to say that we don't treat severe mental illness.  Quite the contrary.  We treat schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder in addition to major depression and bipolar disorder.  It's just that Dr. Kline's treatment is effective and our patients are compliant and personally responsible (i.e. they take their medication, show up for all of their appointments, and pay their fees/copays at each visit).
We want you to have the best psychiatric care for your disorder.  People ARE individuals.  Some are less dedicated to their treatment than others, and these individuals miss or late-cancel their appointments frequently and don't take their medications regularly.  Some believe that paying their charges at each visit is optional, and they find themselves receiving a letter from us discharging them from our practice.  Some refuse to believe that their alcohol, marijuana or drug use interferes with the effectiveness of their medications.  
If you have had multiple psychiatric hospitalizations, if you frequently miss or late-cancel your appointments, if you are not personally responsible for your financial obligations, if you regularly use alcohol and drugs and are unwilling to seriously limit or eliminate your use, then you should see a psychiatrist who does much of his work in a hospital, so that you have optimal coordination of your medications during your inpatient to outpatient to inpatient transitions.  As Dr. Kline often tells patients, "I can never care about your treatment MORE than you do."

About FMLA and Disability Paperwork
Many individuals incorrectly assume that doctors are obligated to complete such paperwork.  We aren't!  If you have taken yourself off work and need paperwork completed, don't bother calling us.  Dr. Kline makes the decisions regarding your ability to work -- and he rarely choses to take patients off work.  In most cases, your chances of a response to treatment are improved if you ARE still going to work. 
A Word About Anxiety Medication
Because of the rapid increase in abuse of the traditional anti-anxiety agents, all patients are given drug tests, the results of which must read before benzodiazepines are prescribed.  Additionally, we obtain reports from the State that show any controlled substance prescriptions that a patient has been filling.  So, calling us soley for the purpose of obtaining controlled substances will not be successful.  You should also understand that we have ZERO TOLERANCE for medication misuse or sale, doctor shopping, or other illegal activities regarding these medications.  The monitoring requirements have been increased by the recently enacted Kentucky House Bill 1.  In case the point is unclear, we are also on first name basis with agents of the Northern Kentucky Drug Taskforce.
So, Who SHOULD Call Us?
If you are truly serious about treatment, if you have had no more than one psychiatric hospitalization, if you are usually compliant with treatment, if you really want to get better and enjoy life again, and if you are a personally-responsible adult and pay your bills on time, then you should call us.  We would love to help you achieve those goals.  It doesn't matter how severe your problems are.  If you are motivated to get better, want a doctor who truly listens and understands, and are compliant with your  appointments, medications, and payment of fees, then we can treat your problems successfully!
  (859) 823-0507
* * * Please Note:  We are no longer accepting patients with
Medicaid, Medicare, Aetna, UHC/UMR, or Suboxone patients.  * * *
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