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The NOT Affordable Care Act
(Also known as Obama Care)

Obama Care is anything but affordable for the vast majority of individuals who work for a living.  First, the higher copays and deductibles have caused working families to ration their healthcare - if they can afford it, at all.  Second, doctors have an increasingly difficult time providing the treatment their patients deserve because of restricted medication formularies and other limits imposed by insurance companies.  Third, an increasing number of patients don't pay their bill.

Many psychiatrists have found that the only way to survive is to cease taking insurance.  Others have simply retired early or moved away from private practice.  Northern Kentucky lost three psychiatrists in 2015.  We aren't at that point YET, but it's coming.

These changes have made it difficult to find a psychiatrist.  Wait times are up to EIGHT MONTHS.  Currently, we are intermittently accepting a very limited number of new patients.

The bottom line is that Obama Care is anything but affordable -- for patients, insurance companies, and physicians.  You have already seen some of the consequences and there will be many more in the future.  Healthcare has changed.  We know of very few working families who think it has changed for the better.  We couldn't agree more!

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